In most high school programs, students may take 4-5 courses during a 5 month semester, accounting for somewhere between 14 and 20 credits. Because of the intensive and integrated learning experience in the GCP, students can earn 12 to 16 credits in half that time. Students on the GCP will have opportunity to take the following courses (these vary slightly year to year):

  • Leadership 11 (2)
  • English 11 or 12 (4)
  • Intro to Spanish, 11 (4)  or  Spanish 11/12 advanced (4)
  • Cross Cultural Studies 12 (4)

In addition to these core courses, students have the choice to add the following options:

  • Food and Nutrition (2 credits)
  • Open Water Scuba Certification (2)
  • Directed Studies (in film-making, art, creative writing, etc.) (2)
  • One online course completed during class time and/or free time (2-4)

All courses for which a student would like to receive credit (except Leadership 11) will begin online before departing for Mexico. During the six week program in Mexico, we will cover several modules of each course in a classroom setting. Then, when students return to Canada in June, students will complete the final modules of their courses in the online format.


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