Culture Studies

Cross-Cultural Studies is a 4 credit online course which students begin before leaving for Mexico, continue as a class in Mexico, and complete online when we return from Mexico.

But our cultural studies involve much more than theories and textbooks. Mexico itself is our most important text, and students study this ‘book’ in ways that are ‘up-close and personal’. Students interact with youth groups from local Mexican churches, and spend a week living with a family from one of these churches. These relationships provide opportunities for students to practice their Spanish— whether they are at the beginner or advanced levels, as language-learning is key to cross-cultural understanding, and demonstrates a student’s respect for the host culture.

In the last two weeks of the Global Citizenship Program, we travel to the ancient City of Oaxaca, which contains some of the first Christian churches built in the New World (circa 1550 AD) . The city contains two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including amazing architectural wonders of ancient Zapotec and Mixtec tribes.


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