Skill Development

Traveling to a developing country provides students with opportunities they could not get if they completed their entire education in Canada. We have already discussed language acquisition, but students have a variety of opportunities to learn new skills outside the classroom.

Students may try new recreational activities like tuna-fishing, snorkeling, scuba-diving, or surfing. Many students take advantage of low-cost horseback riding along the beach. And some are involved in Scuba Certification (up to and including becoming a PADI “Adventure Diver”.)

Students on the GCP also have opportunities to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to children at English Language Day Camps. All students participate in Children Outreach programs using their gifts of music, crafts, story-telling, drama and games. Other students get involved in making documentary films about their time in Mexico, while some become teacher’s assistants at the School for Special Children. And all students get opportunities to put the various leadership theories into practice. Also, all of our students work in teams to prepare meals once a week for the entire group of teachers and students (about 35 people).

Finally, many of our students have opportunity to learn or develop basic construction skills, such as building cement forms, and using rebar to re-enforce concrete construction.


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